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Agricultural solar customers have a typical problem; Joseph Fragoso called JP Electric and Solar for a solution. Fragoso’s 190 acres Mid Summer Farms in Hanford, California needs a PV or photovoltaic solar system for him to grow his crops. Before JP Electric and Solar, he tried other solar companies, where they suggested a fixed solar installation.

However, JP Electric and Solar opted to go for something innovative, which earned them the award for Best Commercial Solar Installation from the SunPower’s 2017 Intelegant Award. Eric Wilson, the commercial manager for JP Electric and Solar, offered Fragoso a solution that will aid in producing more power using a tracker system.

The SunPower tracker system, solar panels progressively moves throughout the day, following the sun, hence, generating more power. The commercial solar panels movement is like a sunflower, always facing the direction of the sun.

Save Valuable Acres for Growing via the SunPower System

The versatility of these commercial solar panels which can be mounted on carports, as a tracker, or on the rooftops was a clear choice, as per Wilson. The SunPower Helix System works impeccably to generate the most power possible. The Mid Summer Farms 208.8 kW system was able to meet the energy needs of the farm using only 40% or 1.26 acres of land.

Wilson also said that they were able to generate double the amount of kilowatt hours compared to the competitor’s offers making the farmer retain a more abundant land for growing his crops. The Helix commercial solar panels are more comfortable to assemble, making the installation price lower.

Economically speaking, the system in Mid Summer Farm looks pretty well. It helps Fragoso save an annual amount of $43,000 in power costs. More and more farmers are now turning into solar power to help conserve in electrical costs thanks to SunPower’s effective solar solutions.


With commercial solar panels, many farmers can maximize the use of their lands and help reduce costs when it comes to their energy consumptions. Like Fragoso, you can start investing in solar energy, not only can it help the environment, but you can also save money while you earn. You can check for more information.