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The APC Smart-UPS Smt1500rm2u has been designed to allow communication systems to function as normal during power outages. This UPS has been optimized to keep servers, routers, switches, and other networking devices working through a power outage. Moreover, it capable of protecting and safeguarding your equipment from destructive power conditions such as power surges and spikes.


Smt1500rm2u Features And Their Benefits

#1. Green Mode – It has an automatic green mode that ensures the UPS is running as efficiently as possible, thereby reducing power consumption.

#2. Smart Battery Management System – The intelligent battery management system ensures the battery is running efficiently. Moreover, it has a predictive function that predicts when you will need to replace your battery. It also periodically self-tests and notifies its users of any fault in the battery system.

#3. User-Friendly User Interface – It comes with an intuitive LCD user interface that provides users with accurate and clear information. The UX is multi-lingual capable and the navigation has been intuitively designed to make it easy for users to find what they need.

#4. PowerChute Business Edition Software – This software provides users with a safe system shutdown designed to minimize data loss and or data corruption.

#5. Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid Battery – It uses a lead-acid battery system with suspended in an electrolyte. The battery is leak proof and it has been designed for extended usage. The battery recharges in a mere 3 hours.

#6. Output Performance – The maximum output power capacity is 1000 watts/1440 VA with the output efficiency of 97% at full load. The voltage output distortion is less than 5% under full load output.



– It is designed for the IT industry. For instance, it is rackable and comes with the right set of rails and screws. Essentially is a plug and play system; no modifications needed.


– The battery system does not last as long as the communications devices it is designed for. As such, you can expect to spend quite a lot on battery replacements.
– It has a maintenance-free battery thereby improving the ease of use.

The Bottomline

If you are looking for a UPS system for your communications equipment, this is a very good choice. It has advanced features optimized for IT.