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commercial solar panels

An Intelligent  Installation of Commercial Solar System

Agricultural solar customers have a typical problem; Joseph Fragoso called JP Electric and Solar for a solution. Fragoso’s 190 acres Mid Summer Farms in Hanford, California needs a PV or photovoltaic solar system for him to grow his crops. Before JP Electric and Solar, he tried other solar companies, where they suggested a fixed solar installation.

However, JP Electric and Solar opted to go for something innovative, which earned them the award for Best Commercial Solar Installation from the SunPower’s 2017 Intelegant Award. Eric Wilson, the commercial manager for JP Electric and Solar, offered Fragoso a solution that will aid in producing more power using a tracker system.

The SunPower tracker system, solar panels progressively moves throughout the day, following the sun, hence, generating more power. The commercial solar panels movement is like a sunflower, always facing the direction of the sun.

Save Valuable Acres for Growing via the SunPower System

The versatility of these commercial solar panels which can be mounted on carports, as a tracker, or on the rooftops was a clear choice, as per Wilson. The SunPower Helix System works impeccably to generate the most power possible. The Mid Summer Farms 208.8 kW system was able to meet the energy needs of the farm using only 40% or 1.26 acres of land.

Wilson also said that they were able to generate double the amount of kilowatt hours compared to the competitor’s offers making the farmer retain a more abundant land for growing his crops. The Helix commercial solar panels are more comfortable to assemble, making the installation price lower.

Economically speaking, the system in Mid Summer Farm looks pretty well. It helps Fragoso save an annual amount of $43,000 in power costs. More and more farmers are now turning into solar power to help conserve in electrical costs thanks to SunPower’s effective solar solutions.


With commercial solar panels, many farmers can maximize the use of their lands and help reduce costs when it comes to their energy consumptions. Like Fragoso, you can start investing in solar energy, not only can it help the environment, but you can also save money while you earn. You can check for more information.

electricians fort worth

The Importance of Using Renewable Energy at Home

Solar panels and wind turbines are becoming popular across the U.S. These equipment produce renewable energy that benefits us and our planet. Below are some of the factors why using renewable energy at home is important.


It Lessens Global Warming

Our activities as humans are filling our atmosphere with global warming emissions such as carbon dioxide. These substances in the form of gas are acting like a blanket that causes a greenhouse effect, trapping the heat within the Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, our planet is experiencing more frequent and stronger storms, drought, rising sea levels, and extinction.


Most of the global warming emissions are coming from our electricity, produced by fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. On the other hand, the sources of renewable energy contribute less to no global warming emissions. Also, manufacturing, installing, and operating renewable energy equipment produces minimal global warming emissions.


It Improves Our Health

Natural gas and coal pollute the water and air that cause illnesses such as respiratory problems, heart disease, neurological problems, premature death, cancer, and more. Clean energy doesn’t pollute our air and water. Thus, it does not have any negative impact on our health.


Also, solar panels and wind turbines do not consume water to work. Consequently, it is not straining the water supply needed for human consumption, agriculture, and other essential water needs.


It Produces Infinite Energy

Sunny skies, plenty of plant matter, Earth’s heat, strong winds, and moving water can produce an infinite supply of clean energy. While only a small fraction of electricity in the U.S. comes from renewable energy, studies have shown that this kind of energy source can provide a large share of future electricity needs. Another study says that renewable energy can provide up to 80 percent of the country’s energy by 2050.


If you are in Fort Worth, TX, you can install any source of renewable energy at home. Whether it is a solar panel, wind turbine, or generator, there are electricians in fort worth who are always ready to help you.


By owning a source of renewable energy at home, you can save tons of money from paying your electric bill. Too, you can help save our planet by minimizing global warming emissions, as well as preserving the Earth’s natural resources.…

oak timber

Tips on Choosing the Right Wood for Your Conservatory

oak timberBuilding a conservatory is a great way to add space, light, and value to your house. However, you should be wary of choosing the material for your greenhouse, especially when it comes to wood. Here are tips to help you in selecting the perfect wood.

Types of Timber

There are two main types of wood used when constructing conservatories. The softwood and hardwood. Compared to hardwood, softwood is less durable when using outside. Going for the hardwood is best since it will provide you the strength and durability best suit in external conditions.

Samples of this type are iroko, idigbo, and oak timber, which is the popular choice because of its durability, natural beauty, and longevity.

Moisture Content

It is essential that you know the moisture content of the wood that you will use. The more moisture it contains, the more it will twist, bow, and move during the drying course. It is not good primarily when the location of the timber is close to the glass unit. A possible movement and splitting in the joints can cause water and air penetration.

You can avoid these movements by glulam construction methods. It’ll help if you glued 20-30 mm thick boards together to alternate the grains and can give you a more stable wood beam to reduce future movement. Glulam beams are much stronger and expect it not to deflect or bow.

Investing In a Timber

If you invest in building a conservatory, make sure to consider the value of the structure and the longevity of the wood. If you choose softwood for the building, you may save at least 10% of the initial cost. However, it will require you to replace them within 15 years.

On the other hand, if you have a professional install hardwood for your conservatory, it can still be a significant feature for the next 25 years or so, that is with proper care too.


Building a conservatory may seem easy; however, choosing the wood is critical. You should consider several aspects, such as cost, type, and moisture content. Once you have decided on these factors, you can build the perfect conservatory that you and your family can enjoy.…

air conditioning service jacksonville fl

3 Questions You Should Ask When Buying an Air Conditioning Unit

The demand for home air conditioning continuously increases because of global warming, and most households hire air conditioning service jacksonville fl to achieve a better home indoor air quality. If you’re planning to have a cooling system to avoid the dangerous levels of humidity and heat, consider these three questions you should ask when buying an air conditioning unit:

  1. What should be the Size of the Air Conditioner?

Buying an AC is a significant investment —a piece of home equipment that your family member expect to utilize for a long time to obtain indoor comfort. Before purchasing one, it’s critical to determine the needed size or capacity system of the unit to cool your home adequately.

Hiring a reliable contractor will always put you on the safe side. Typically, a trusted AC technician will start from scratch and conduct load calculation which includes considering your home’s orientation, size, and layout, the amount of shade around your area, and the number of windows and where they are situated.

  1. How Efficient is the New AC Unit?

Some air conditioners decrease their efficiency quickly, mainly when being used most of the time. For optimal and long-lasting performance, choose the system that meets the minimum energy requirements recognized by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency.

Moreover, most of the air conditioners available in the market today have unique features like variable speed motors. A unit with this specification can function around the clock at low or regular speed, helping you save money. Plus, it can automatically shift into high gear to perform better to meet certain conditions.

Tip: Buy the AC units with SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 15 or above. They are excellent in removing heat from your air-conditioned spots. Having efficient equipment at home can help you make more considerable savings on your utility expenses.

  1. Who Will Do the Work?

Some households tend to install or repair their air conditioning system by do-it-yourself approach. Yes, this is one way to do the undertaking without breaking the bank if you are authorized. But, there is air conditioning law in the US.  Certified under state laws, which vary by state, hiring a licensed AC technician is necessary to install and repair your air conditioning system for safety.

With the help of an air conditioning contractor, you can avoid spending unnecessary utility bills because he can adequately assess your area, check your unit, maintain your ac, and provide you with the best advice to get the best equipment for the convenience of your family.

One More Thing Before You Go

Avoid the hassles that global warming brings. When it comes to the best air conditioning solutions, choose air conditioning service in Jacksonville, Florida,…

charlotte movers

How to Prepare Furniture for A House Move

charlotte moversOne of the challenging obstacles when moving into a new house is how to pack and transport your furniture safely. For more efficient furniture moving, here are simple tips for all your local moving needs in Charlotte, NC.


  1. Obtain Packing Supplies

    Packing boxes, tapes, and blankets are some of the basic essentials when packing. While these items will work, it’s also a wise move to invest with few more packing supplies to ensure the protection of your treasured belongings. Here are some additional supplies you can purchase at your local hardware store:


  • Bubble wrap
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Mattress and sofa covers
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Plastic stretch wrap


  1. Clean Your Furniture for Packing

    Before you begin packing, make sure you’ve cleaned your furniture first. Dust, dirt, and other debris can create scratches and damage the surface of your furniture during moving. Moreover, ensuring that your belongings are clean also means you won’t bring any unnecessary grime into your new house.


  1. Dismantle Movable Furniture First

    If possible, dismantle your furniture entirely so it won’t take up much space on the moving truck. This will also make furniture relocation easier and will prevent damages from bumping against door frames or walls.

    When dismantling furniture, remove all parts that are detachable, such as table legs, shelves, bed frames, shelves, or glass tops. Disassemble one furniture at a time and store screws, bolts, and bolts in plastic bags with labels of the piece of furniture it belongs to.


  1. Learn How to Wrap a Furniture Correctly

    Know what type of wrap you’ll need to cover your pieces. Bubble wrap is used to protect fragile glass mirrors, table tops, and delicate wood furniture. Corrugated cardboard sheets can be used in between pieces of furniture for added protection and to prevent scratches while on transport. Old blankets or plastic wraps are best used for your favorite upholstered furniture.


  1. Heavy Furniture Should Be Loaded on the Moving Truck First

    If you’ve rented a moving truck, make sure you know how to store your belongings inside the truck. A helpful tip would be to move heavy pieces of furniture first, such as dresses, couches, table tops, appliances, and chests. If you’ve hired local Charlotte movers in Northern Carolina, they’ll take care of everything and will make sure all your treasured furniture arrives in one piece.


House moving doesn’t have to be daunting and stressful. Be smart in moving your furniture by following the tips mentioned above, and you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to unpack at your new home.


local electrician in Dallas Renovate your Home in Budget

7 Surprising Facts You Don’t Know About Electricians

Electricians are essential in every household and establishment. It makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Furthermore, it is very vital that you have a grasp of what local electricians in Dallas generally do, to be more prepared in times of emergencies. Here are some facts you need to know about electricians and electrical work.


Electricians Train Like Doctors

Electrical work needs zero mistakes, and all actions must be precise. Electricians will be diagnosing critical issues and recommending the best solutions. The usual time would take around eight years for classroom and hands-on training to become a master electrician. Electricians should also have an affinity in mathematics and sciences.


Electricians Cannot be Color-Blind

Color-coded wires are essential parts of the wiring and electrical processes. Electricians must have correct color recognition for actual transactions. Mistakes would lead to serious injuries for themselves, others, and their properties.


Electricians Can Choose Specialties

While in training, electricians choose to specialize in one of four fields: residential, commercial, industrial, or outside lineman.


Electricians Must Be In Good Shape

Electricians are usually on their feet because their jobs are rarely sit-down tasks. Bending and squeezing into tiny locations can be troublesome for people who cannot keep their body in tip-top shape. Climbing and crawling into confined places are exhausting and physically challenging, which proves how electricians fitness is a priority.


Electrical Work Has Other Physical Demands

Electricians work in extreme conditions, whether in hot or cold weather. They also need excellent hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. Besides, they regularly carry heavy items, such as ladders, tool boxes, and electrical equipment.


Electricians Have Good Thinking Skills

Because of continually updating their training, electricians must have excellent thinking skills. They know how to read and understand blueprints, federal and local codes, and other regulations. They keep up with work demands and adapt to technological changes. Quick-mindedness is also essential to resolve issues as soon as they arise.


Electricians are Safety Experts

Safety regulations are essential in this field of work. Carrying out safety inspections is a daily task for electricians and is a regular part of their job, electricity is dangerous, and high safety standards must be taken to work alongside it.


Finding a Local Electrician in Dallas

In need of an electrician, but unsure who to call? Electric Pros, Inc. has a combined 30 years experience in the electric industry. Family-owned and a BBB accredited company, this firm is the link to your future local electrician in Dallas, Texas. Know more at…

Carpet Cleaning

Why You Should Choose Chem Dry Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

When you want carpets that are clean and fresh, you need Chem Dry Phoenix carpet cleaning. The Chem Dry method removes a lot of dirt and it also kills bacteria so your home is healthier. Carpets can build up a lot of bacteria because the bacteria gets deep into the carpet where it can’t be vacuumed out. If you have a lot of headaches and sinus issues your carpet could be to blame.

The solution to having a healthier home is having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your carpets will help them last longer and the fibers are not going to wear down as fast which makes your carpets last much longer. Your house is also going to be healthier because the bacteria and allergens are going to be neutralized.

The cleaning service is going to use industrial cleaners that are going penetrate deep into the rug so that all the dirt comes out. Your house is going to smell cleaner and fresher and the air is going to be healthier as well. If your carpets are full of bacteria and allergens they are going to affect the air. Whenever you walk on the carpet bacteria and allergens are going to be released into the air. When you breathe them in you end up feeling sick. Allergens are not good for your body and you want to try to avoid coming into contact with them.

When you don’t clean your rugs you can end up with a lot of problems and it is very bad for you. Cleaning your rugs at least twice a year is very important. With Chem Dry Phoenix carpet cleaning you end up with perfect carpets every time. Your house is going to look and feel much better and the clean carpets are going to be very attractive. When you clean your carpets on a regular basis you have a healthier house and this is very important.

The best carpet cleaning service is going to clean your carpets fast and ensure that your house looks amazing. The chemicals are safe and they are also eco-friendly so you don’t have to worry about any problems with your house. The carpet is going to look clean and fresh and you are going to feel a lot better. Taking care of your carpet is important and this is easier to do when you have your carpets professionally cleaned.…

Air Conditioner Repair

How To Find Quality AC Repair Brandon FL Services

If your AC system isn’t pumping out enough cold air you might want to get your system looked at. Your AC system is likely to only need a good tuning up and this can ensure that your system runs longer and you don’t have to worry about a lot of problems. It is important to have your AC system in good shape when the weather gets hot so you don’t have to suffer. With the right AC repair Brandon FL services you won’t have to worry about getting too hot and you end up with a great value for your money.

Suffering in the heat during the summer is terrible and you feel horrible when you are freezing. It is important that you take the time to find a good AC service that is going to help you stay cool when the nights are hot. You don’t want to end up with too many problems with your system. If your system has too many problems you need to make sure that you consider replacing the system.

If your system is old and has too many problems you will be better off with a system that is brand new. A new system is going to work much better and it is going to help your house stay cooler. Your system is going to be more efficient and it will be easier for your house to stay cool when you have a new system installed. A new system doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and you can enjoy feeling better when you have a new AC system.

Your utility bills will be lower and the system is going to pay for itself over time so you end up getting the best deal from a new system. If you want to make sure that the system is just what you want you need to make sure that you invest in a new AC system. Your system is going to be just what you need to ensure that your house stays cool and that you don’t get too hot during the summer.

Nothing feels worse than being stuck in a house that is too hot and you want to make sure that you use a good AC repair Brandon FL service to keep things cool. You want to compare prices so you end up getting a deal and always take the time to find the best service.…

Gilbert Pest Control

Pest Comtrol Services: Reasons Why to Consider It

Many homeowners are resorting into DIY pest control, thinking that it will help in eradicating the pests that infested their homes. It may be convenient and less expensive. However, it may not solve the pest problems that we have. Here are some reasons why hiring a professional pest control service provider is the smart way to help you.


Your time is valuable, and doing all the dirty work is like wasting it. Getting the services of a pest control provider can help you spend your time on other activities like going for a walk, playing tennis, watching TV, spending time with your family, and other essential events.

Pest control service providers will help you take care of your pest problems efficiently and may usually take under an hour to do it.

Expert’s Opinion and Advice

Pest control companies give you trained professionals who know how and where to put the products to get the best outcome. Since they are handling hazardous materials, they issue warning to your family and take the necessary procedures to ensure the safety of your family while getting the job done.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Pest control services providers offer you cost-effective solutions in treating the termites and other pests. They know what the customer’s needs and the costs of their services are somewhat reasonable compared to the damage that the pests can do to your home. Hiring a pest control service provider can help permanently eradicate these pests.

Permanent Pest Removal Solutions

Using an exterminator requires experience and expertise in dealing with probable nests and the risks in treating them. Termites can be a hassle to deal with, and their breeding area is different from their feeding area.

Termites also exist in large numbers and eradicating a few without removing the eggs and nests is not an effective way in dealing with pest infestation for they will appear any time soon. Instead of wasting your time in doing all the work, leave it to the professionals to ensure the long-term effect of a pest free home.


A pest infestation can cause you and your family numerous damages not only to your house but also to your health. You should never take pests outbreak for granted. Hiring a professional to help you in dealing with this problem is the best way to handle it. You can check out Gilbert Pest Control by visiting their website.…


APC Smart-UPS Smt1500rm2u Reviewed

The APC Smart-UPS Smt1500rm2u has been designed to allow communication systems to function as normal during power outages. This UPS has been optimized to keep servers, routers, switches, and other networking devices working through a power outage. Moreover, it capable of protecting and safeguarding your equipment from destructive power conditions such as power surges and spikes.


Smt1500rm2u Features And Their Benefits

#1. Green Mode – It has an automatic green mode that ensures the UPS is running as efficiently as possible, thereby reducing power consumption.

#2. Smart Battery Management System – The intelligent battery management system ensures the battery is running efficiently. Moreover, it has a predictive function that predicts when you will need to replace your battery. It also periodically self-tests and notifies its users of any fault in the battery system.

#3. User-Friendly User Interface – It comes with an intuitive LCD user interface that provides users with accurate and clear information. The UX is multi-lingual capable and the navigation has been intuitively designed to make it easy for users to find what they need.

#4. PowerChute Business Edition Software – This software provides users with a safe system shutdown designed to minimize data loss and or data corruption.

#5. Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid Battery – It uses a lead-acid battery system with suspended in an electrolyte. The battery is leak proof and it has been designed for extended usage. The battery recharges in a mere 3 hours.

#6. Output Performance – The maximum output power capacity is 1000 watts/1440 VA with the output efficiency of 97% at full load. The voltage output distortion is less than 5% under full load output.



– It is designed for the IT industry. For instance, it is rackable and comes with the right set of rails and screws. Essentially is a plug and play system; no modifications needed.


– The battery system does not last as long as the communications devices it is designed for. As such, you can expect to spend quite a lot on battery replacements.
– It has a maintenance-free battery thereby improving the ease of use.

The Bottomline

If you are looking for a UPS system for your communications equipment, this is a very good choice. It has advanced features optimized for IT.…