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3 Questions You Should Ask When Buying an Air Conditioning Unit

The demand for home air conditioning continuously increases because of global warming, and most households hire air conditioning service jacksonville fl to achieve a better home indoor air quality. If you’re planning to have a cooling system to avoid the dangerous levels of humidity and heat, consider these three questions you should ask when buying an air conditioning unit:

  1. What should be the Size of the Air Conditioner?

Buying an AC is a significant investment —a piece of home equipment that your family member expect to utilize for a long time to obtain indoor comfort. Before purchasing one, it’s critical to determine the needed size or capacity system of the unit to cool your home adequately.

Hiring a reliable contractor will always put you on the safe side. Typically, a trusted AC technician will start from scratch and conduct load calculation which includes considering your home’s orientation, size, and layout, the amount of shade around your area, and the number of windows and where they are situated.

  1. How Efficient is the New AC Unit?

Some air conditioners decrease their efficiency quickly, mainly when being used most of the time. For optimal and long-lasting performance, choose the system that meets the minimum energy requirements recognized by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency.

Moreover, most of the air conditioners available in the market today have unique features like variable speed motors. A unit with this specification can function around the clock at low or regular speed, helping you save money. Plus, it can automatically shift into high gear to perform better to meet certain conditions.

Tip: Buy the AC units with SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of 15 or above. They are excellent in removing heat from your air-conditioned spots. Having efficient equipment at home can help you make more considerable savings on your utility expenses.

  1. Who Will Do the Work?

Some households tend to install or repair their air conditioning system by do-it-yourself approach. Yes, this is one way to do the undertaking without breaking the bank if you are authorized. But, there is air conditioning law in the US.  Certified under state laws, which vary by state, hiring a licensed AC technician is necessary to install and repair your air conditioning system for safety.

With the help of an air conditioning contractor, you can avoid spending unnecessary utility bills because he can adequately assess your area, check your unit, maintain your ac, and provide you with the best advice to get the best equipment for the convenience of your family.

One More Thing Before You Go

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