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6 Tips for Moving Houseplants To Your New Home

Moving to a new home? You might have already chosen a movers Chandler and prepared your pets for the shift, but have you thought of the welfare of your botanical buddies, too? Light fluctuations, jostling, and temperature changes can be intolerable for most houseplants. Don’t fret, though! Here are some excellent tips to keep your plants happy and healthy while on the journey to a new home.

Prepare Your Plants

Few weeks before the moving day, eliminate dead branches and leaves from your plants and prune them properly. A week prior to your move, rid of pests, dust, and weeds.

Re-pot Using Plastic

To make the move as seamless as possible, take out your plants from their planters and heavy pots. Get lightweight plastic containers and make these their home a few weeks before your moving day.

Know The Law

If you’re moving out to a new state, make sure to verify first if you can take your plants with you. Some states have certain restrictions for botanical visitors. You need to undergo strict inspection upon arrival for pests control and prohibitions on growing particular plants.

Look Out For The Temperature

Whenever possible, try to transport your houseplants in a temperature-regulated setting, like your car. Let your Chandler movers handle your possessions and keep your green friends with you. If you are stopping at a hotel for the night, take them with you. Any extreme temperature change can be detrimental to your plants.

Provide Them An Ample Amount of Water

Hot and dry or cold or wet, any of these combinations are bad for your plants. It can be a daunting task to keep your plants comfy in even in your air-conditioned car. If you’re moving in the winter, maintain the soil dry by watering them once a few days before your moving day. If you’re making a move during the arid summer, water them well on the moving day itself and along the way.

Expect Some Damage and Adjustment

Lastly, expect some trauma as they are inevitable with all the jostling along the way. Also, anticipate that your plants will need to be accustomed to the new environment. Few lost leaves are part of the journey to moving to your new home.

We hope this guide helps, and we wish you and your botanical buddies good luck on your move!