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How to Prepare Furniture for A House Move

charlotte moversOne of the challenging obstacles when moving into a new house is how to pack and transport your furniture safely. For more efficient furniture moving, here are simple tips for all your local moving needs in Charlotte, NC.


  1. Obtain Packing Supplies

    Packing boxes, tapes, and blankets are some of the basic essentials when packing. While these items will work, it’s also a wise move to invest with few more packing supplies to ensure the protection of your treasured belongings. Here are some additional supplies you can purchase at your local hardware store:


  • Bubble wrap
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Mattress and sofa covers
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Plastic stretch wrap


  1. Clean Your Furniture for Packing

    Before you begin packing, make sure you’ve cleaned your furniture first. Dust, dirt, and other debris can create scratches and damage the surface of your furniture during moving. Moreover, ensuring that your belongings are clean also means you won’t bring any unnecessary grime into your new house.


  1. Dismantle Movable Furniture First

    If possible, dismantle your furniture entirely so it won’t take up much space on the moving truck. This will also make furniture relocation easier and will prevent damages from bumping against door frames or walls.

    When dismantling furniture, remove all parts that are detachable, such as table legs, shelves, bed frames, shelves, or glass tops. Disassemble one furniture at a time and store screws, bolts, and bolts in plastic bags with labels of the piece of furniture it belongs to.


  1. Learn How to Wrap a Furniture Correctly

    Know what type of wrap you’ll need to cover your pieces. Bubble wrap is used to protect fragile glass mirrors, table tops, and delicate wood furniture. Corrugated cardboard sheets can be used in between pieces of furniture for added protection and to prevent scratches while on transport. Old blankets or plastic wraps are best used for your favorite upholstered furniture.


  1. Heavy Furniture Should Be Loaded on the Moving Truck First

    If you’ve rented a moving truck, make sure you know how to store your belongings inside the truck. A helpful tip would be to move heavy pieces of furniture first, such as dresses, couches, table tops, appliances, and chests. If you’ve hired local Charlotte movers in Northern Carolina, they’ll take care of everything and will make sure all your treasured furniture arrives in one piece.


House moving doesn’t have to be daunting and stressful. Be smart in moving your furniture by following the tips mentioned above, and you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to unpack at your new home.