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So we’re not gonna mince words here. If you do your gutters Tacoma on the cheap, you’ll regret it.

What’s an example of doing gutters on the cheap? The biggest mistake is to get the wrong size of gutters for your roof. The second mistake, in our opinion, is to go with traditional, segmented gutters, rather than the seamless kind that are made from a continuous roll.

Let’s talk about mistake #1 first.

Get the Right Size of Gutter

Maybe you weren’t aware that gutters come in different sizes. Yes, they do. They usually come in 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, and 7-inch channels. The measurement refers to the distance across the top of the metal trough.

Basically, small, flat roofs will need four-inch gutters. Average-size roofs of average steepness (pitch) will take five- or six-inch channels. Seven-inch robo-gutters will go on really big roofs, or big roofs with steep pitches.

Basically, you just want to make sure that the gutter on your roof will be able to handle all the water that comes off it, including that produced by a torrential downpour that dumps tons of water suddenly on your roof. Your gutters should be able to accommodate all that water, as fast as it pours off the shingles, and whisk it away to downspouts and out to safe drainage areas.

If you go cheap and get gutters that are too small, you’ll end up with overflowing troughs in the middle of a rainstorm. That water will fall onto whatever lies below, and over time, it can damage stuff—plants, wood decking, wood railings, foundations, etc. If it sits on concrete during every rainstorm, slippery mold may start growing. If it falls down beside the foundation, it can end up getting into the basement.

Avoid all those problems by getting the right size of gutters.

Now about mistake #2.

Get Seamless Gutters

The mistake is to get jointed or segmented gutters. That used to be all you could get. Now you can get seamless gutters that are made on-site from a continuous roll of metal. A machine forms the roll into a channel that’s the exact length of your roof.

The other kind of gutter develops leaks over time. The sealant at the joints eventually dries out and curls up, and water gets underneath it and drips out.

Be smart. Get seamless.

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