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Nowadays, you will find industrial blenders and mixers in various designs and configurations due to the increase of demands from several industries. Additionally, you can still gain benefits from opting for used blenders for cost-effectiveness. Check which blender fills your needs and the advantages you can learn from purchasing second-hand.

Choosing the Right Industrial Blender

Depending on the requirement of your application, there might be factors that you want to think through when purchasing an industrial blender. Below are some of the analyzed factors through a blender’s intended performance and its types.

  • Agitators

They use these blenders mostly for liquids, and where they require constant churning. In the middle of its rotating blades is a central axis.

  • Ribbon Blenders

Industries mostly use them to mix bulk and dry solids. The blenders have paddles that look like ribbons rotating around a central axis, hence its name. They are quite useful in removing formed lumps, also making them a significant application in the industry of F&B. You can also use ribbon blenders for fertilizer segments and plastic resins.

  • Paddle Mixers

These mixers serve a higher purpose when making granules from solid material chinks or tables. You can use them for blending mixtures of viscous fluids, slurries, and wet and dry materials. As the name suggests, their blades are in the shape of a paddle. 

  • Double Cone Blenders

If you have materials that require gentle mixing, double cone mixers will get that job done.

Benefits a Used Industrial Blender

  • Reduced Costs

Rather than investing a significant amount in purchasing a new industrial blender, choosing a used one but still has the quality you need, is more cost-effective. Most of the time, investment receives good value when opting for used blenders.

  • Production Time Boost

Having a used mixer in your hands does not require any waiting period; thus, you do not lose any amount of production time. You can immediately begin working after the installation.

  • Fast Delivery and Installation

When you consider purchasing a new blender, also take note that the installation and delivery require more time and effort compared to that of a used one.

  • Used, but Promising Brands

Despite it being a second hand, you can still get good brands in reduced prices, with the blenders being in the perfect condition for operation.

Other than saving expenses when opting for used mixers, there is also a significant decrease in training time and production downtime. Also, make sure the industrial blender you have in mind suits the focus of your work.